Tuesday Morning, June 5th Consolidated School hosted the winners and reading their essays.  This year’s format was adjusted a bit and KPR pledged to honor a winner from each participating school.  (Consolidated, Sea Road and Mildred L Day)  Students were challenged to identify a charity worthy of receiving a $200 donation and to justify their choice.  Nearly 200 5th graders from the three schools with the teachers selecting the top few from each school.  Rotarians then read the finalists and selected the top essay from each school. 


The students were invited to read their essays at the Tuesday meeting in front of the Kennebunk Portside Rotarians and family and their teachers and principals who came to celebrate.


Winner were;    Chris Smith from MLD on behalf of US Vets Program that helps US Vets to get their lives get reestablished

                                Avery Rossics from Consolidated School on behalf of ASPCA

                                Emilia Ilyas from Sea Road on behalf of a great United Way Books program


Congratulations to all the winners and great work.  The students teachers were given checks to the various charities and the teacher and students wrote letters and sent the checks to the charity.